Does Love happens again and again?

Does Love happens again and again ? – people say that love happens only once, but I believe that love happens again and again with me.

When I was studying in ninth grade, I fell in love with a girl who was a class above me, now I don’t know whether it was love or just charm, I don’t know, but I was crazy about her, her house was in my neighborhood .

I always Visited four or four times a day. But this madness was only from my side, what was in his heart I did not know till today because I had never expressed my love or never dared to say that. Then I fell in love with a girl from my class and I proposed to her and she accepted it.

It went on like this for a few days, then I went to another city for further studies and everyone was left behind. But I always realised true love and all the love signs were real.

Then I fell in love with a relative whom I first met in a wedding, then she got married elsewhere and I was lonely for a long time and was away from all these things, then suddenly I met a girl just three months ago. Jaya who is already in love with someone else has got engaged to him and is also married for two months. But still both of us fell in love. Loved so deep that till now I remembers her, eyes are filled.

Now she is married, yet she has the same love for him. But now there is no place for me in her world.

Now maybe I get married with someone, I fall in love with her. Or it happens to someone before marriage or maybe after marriage to someone other than the wife. Can not say. But it is certain that love can happen to anyone at any time. Because no one has ever insisted on heart. If this happens then people do not love again and again.

Humans have a strange habit of forgetting. He forgets everything. Love happens again and again and breakup also happens again and again but after breakup he controls himself.

– someone says that first love is true love. But I believe that first love is just a charm. The more often you love, the deeper love becomes. Love happens again and again, there are no two opinions in this. If it does not happen then why would anyone fall in love with someone else even after marriage. Suppose sometimes it is wrong. But this type of relationship cannot be turned away.

Anyway, if love is considered the best feeling then why not let it happen once or not again and again. Because when someone is in love the world is very beautiful. Everything is very cute. The mind is always happy.

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