Best Shayari on mother in english

Mother shayari – The power to explain the mother is not in any pen because the mother cannot be described in words, yet I want to write something on mother today. The mother is like the water that flows continuously and keeps giving life to the world. The mother is like that stubborn mountain when trouble comes, she stands firmly like a mountain.

shayari on mother in english
shayari on mother in english

It is like a mother river which flows continuously keeping the feeling of pure and benevolent. Maa is like a scorching earth who sacrifices herself and raises her children. The whole universe is contained in the mother because life cannot be imagined on this earth without her.

Mother God is the most precious gift that one gets, sorrows are removed from his life and happiness is filled in life. She does not leave you till the last moment of her life.

Mom shayari in english

Mother has a lot of importance in our life because without her our life cannot be possible, that is what brings you into this world. She feels unbearable pain at the time of our birth, but still she endures suffering for you and gives you life.

The mother takes care of you from our childhood, fulfills our every need, she herself remains hungry but gives you a lot of food. She herself sleeps in a wet place but always sleeps you in dry place.

Mother is our first gurukul and first guru,  slowly slowly, she teaches you to walk on our feet. She sacrifices her whole life and dedicates her entire life to you, she always forgets her sorrows and thinks about our happiness.

Mother tells you good educational stories in childhood, which makes our life even more accessible. She tells you how to live life. She teaches to fight against the evils of the society.

When you are happy, she is very happy. No one can be as fearless as a mother because when any problem comes upon you, she stands first in front of you and protects you. Mother always has a feeling of benevolence towards you, she never asks for anything from you, always fulfills our needs without asking for you.

Mother tells you the way to live in society, she teaches you to distinguish between good and evil, she teaches you to respect people, teaches you to walk without stopping. Mother keeps serving you throughout her life, when you gets hurt or gets sick, she gets worried and serves you awake day and night.

Maa ke liye shayari in english

she pray and pray to God for our recovery. She always prays for you and never asks anything for her because you are everything for her.

No matter how much you grow up, but for the mother, throughout our life, you are like a small child, on which, if there is any trouble, then she can always help you.

She teaches you how to fight challenges and if you are ever disappointed, she gives you encouragement by becoming a ray of hope and holding our hand till you achieve success.

The faith and blessings of the mother always remain on you, only then you can become a good person in life and get success.

Mother always makes you a person of courageous patience and good personality, she wants us to do something good for this world and leave an indelible and good impression on this society. The mother is the biggest wealth that one gets, his life is cherished.

Mothers day shayari in english

Mother is so special
love her everyday more than yesterday

shayari for mother in english
shayari for mother in english
mom shayari in english
mom shayari in english

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mom shayari

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english maa shayari

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mothers day shayari in english
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Mother and God

God takes birth on earth to seek the love and affection of the mother, as soon as the love of the mother is there, it is such a clear example that God comes to the earth to get it, Lord Shri Krishna who has on earth to get the mother’s love Had given birth

Lord Krishna found the love and affection of not one but two mothers. It is clear from this that even God worships the mother.

Our duty towards mother

Now when you grow up, you also have some duties towards our mother. You should fulfill every need of the mother. she should be given all the happiness. you must serve them in old age. You should spend some time sitting near them.

you should meet him in the morning and ask their well-being and seek their blessings every day because there is no wealth greater than the blessings of the mother. you should love him as much as they did you.

The mother does not want anything from you nor does she want money nor does she want a big house, she only needs the love of her children and wants happiness.

Therefore, you should always be grateful to them and do all possible service. Mother is that precious money which, if lost once, is never found again in life.

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