What happens after breakup ?

It is often believed that the hearts of unsuccessful lovers are broken in young age and the broken heart is repaired over time. The most profound impact of love failure on one’s mindset. Failure cripples this person psychologically. A person unsuccessful in love starts losing himself. He thinks of himself as inferior to others. Recent researches have shown that deep shock, feeling of pan alone and feeling of losing someone have a bad effect on heart health.

Just as a patanga, overwhelmed by the light of a burning flame of a candle, leaps towards it and burns itself, similarly a person unsuccessful in love is unaware of the adverse effect on the health of the heart. The self-harming mentality is called ‘Lust Trump Braines’. According to Kuriansky, a faculty and author of ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship’ at Columbia University Teachers College, the person begins to get signs of love before he fails, but he deliberately ignores them. Since he does not fear his loss, he dares to jump into the fire knowing it. The sense of sacrificing oneself hurts the heart.

What happens after breakup

What to do

1.Try to identify what you are going to lose – think of immortal real love, which is a fantasy. Teen Age Lover comes out of the fantasy world as an adult.
2.Stop blaming yourself for failing in love because no one can be so beautiful or so smart as to live up to the expectations of others. There is no limit to desires because they have wings of imagination. Your qualities and faults are human, so they are also real.

3.There is no such mentality. If your partner has made any other friendship except you, then there is no fault in you. There is no such deficiency in you because of which you have been left deliberately. It is the right of another to befriend whom and to breakup with whom. You should respect this right of another.

4. Learn to identify yourself before claiming to understand others because it is only after understanding oneself that the power to recognize others develops.

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