What is love?

A lover is asked what is love? how do you feel? So his answer was that love is closed like wheat, if you grind it will be light, if you knead with water, then it will become flexible … it is only love that resilience, resilience comes from complete dedication, where no one The limit is no condition. Love is a feeling, a feeling. Love breaks traditions. Love is the name of sacrifice and harmony.

The expression of love is first with the eyes and then by the lips. And the most interesting thing is that when, how and where you will fall in love, you do not even know yourself. It can also happen at first sight, and maybe even many meetings cannot arouse love in your heart.

Love comes into the life of a lover in three levels. In the form of desire, lust and attachment. To get these three is to find love completely. Apart from this, there are some other things related to love

Philosophical aspect of love- If love arises, ego breaks. Truth is born by breaking the ego. This situation is very high, if we add faith in love, then love becomes devotion, which is beneficial for both the world and the world. Therefore the Grihastha Ashram is superior, because we have the armor of devotion. As far as Meera and Sufi saints are concerned, their love is nectar.

Also, like all other relationships, the real aspect of love is also that it is very important to have harmony in it. If you press the harmonium’s voice randomly, only the hoarse noise will be heard, while if you press sequentially, the melodious music will echo. This harmony is love, for which harmony is very important.

Mythological side of love- The first question that comes to mind about the mythological side of love is that on which surface does love grow or desire…? Granted, work has an important place in love, but the end of love arising only on the basis of lust is divorce. Whereas, love painted in the colors of love blossoms in the hearts, which is with you throughout the life.

Roses symbol of love – the unique coordination of fragrance and beauty Roses have been the center of attraction for lovers for centuries. Where is the birthplace of the rose remains a matter of controversy even today. There are many stories on this, but according to one story, wherever the drops of sweat of the Prophet fell, rose plants grew there.

The red rose bud is a symbol of innocence and it conveys the message that you are beautiful and lovely. If a red rose is presented to someone, it is a message that I love you. White roses keep privacy saying that your beauty is natural. While the yellow rose conveys happiness, the pink color conveys happiness and gratitude. If the rose is a symbol of friendship, then the rose leaves are a symbol of hope

Same like rose, Shayari has also been a way to convey the feeling of love from a very long time.
the history reveals that shayari, poets were the best source to express love for kings,

And now in india Hindi love shayari is used by lovers to express their all types of feelings with their partners and the best source has always been facebook and whatsapp.

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